ESR control standard

  • Quality assurance of the automated ESR determination
  • Ready to use in device-specific containers for your system
  • Handling identical to the blood sample

Save the quality of your blood sedimentation method by checking all components of the reduction process with stable reference material!



The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is still an important clinical parameter. Although the result is nonspecific, it is indispensable as a screening and follow-up.


The method according to Westergren was codified in 1992 by the ICSH and nationally fixed by the DIN 58935-1. However, the measurement result is very dependent on environmental parameters, which is why the manual determination is increasingly being replaced by machines. The analysis quality can be improved by using ready-to-use standards.


Our SediVal™ control standards are used for quality control of the measuring systems. With this physiologically compatible standard, the correctness of the measurement can be checked under comparable temperatures, mechanical factors and other possible influences.


The ESR control standard consists of specially treated human erythrocytes suspended in a polymer solution. The sedimentation rate of this novel standard is based on a reversible erythrocyte aggregation typical of human blood.


SediVal™ is available in two ranges, with a physiologically normal (N) and a pathological (P) ESR.


The suspension can be delivered according to your wishes in different collection systems. It is thus immediately ready to use without prior refilling.


The control standard can be used repeatedly for 4 weeks.


Ordering Information

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Item No.
Collection System
261-21000 SediVal™ N ESR - control standard, normal Sedivette
261-22000 SediVal™ N ESR - control standard, normal Kabevette
261-23000 SediVal™ N ESR - control standard, normal Seditainer
262-21000 SediVal™ P ESR - control standard, pathological Sedivette
262-22000 SediVal™ P ESR - control standard, pathological Kabevette
262-23000 SediVal™ P ESR - control standard, pathological Seditainer